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Seeking Alternatives to the Peter Lik Style Prints

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Seeking Alternatives to the Peter Lik Style Prints

Many people have experienced a Peter Lik Art Gallery and have fallen in love with his beautiful artworks. Las Vegas, Key West, Aspen Colorado, La Jolla California -- those are just a few of his many locations found worldwide. It's not just the imagery on its own, but the otherworldly gallery-quality print media you're exposed to during a gallery visit. Those huge acrylic prints with those richly saturated colors & hyper-realistic details, wow -- they were pretty amazing, right! Chances are, you've probably never had firsthand experience of an artwork display that simply blew your mind the same way. But damn, those prices! $4000.00 for a small Limited Edition print?

If you are considering buying nature photography or landscapes, the good news is there ARE high-quality alternative artists out there. You can procure amazing large format gallery quality pieces, at lower investment points from artists just like myself. Artists that work at the same high level of excellence producing artworks equally as stunning, and using the same exact Acrylic face-mount technologies and print papers to handcraft custom-made prints.