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Seeking Alternatives to the Peter Lik Style Prints

February 28th, 2021

Seeking Alternatives to the Peter Lik Style Prints

Many people have experienced a Peter Lik Art Gallery and have fallen in love with his beautiful artworks. Las Vegas, Key West, Aspen Colorado, La Jolla California -- those are just a few of his many locations found worldwide. It's not just the imagery on its own, but the otherworldly gallery-quality print media you're exposed to during a gallery visit. Those huge acrylic prints with those richly saturated colors & hyper-realistic details, wow -- they were pretty amazing, right! Chances are, you've probably never had firsthand experience of an artwork display that simply blew your mind the same way. But damn, those prices! $4000.00 for a small Limited Edition print?

If you are considering buying nature photography or landscapes, the good news is there ARE high-quality alternative artists out there. You can procure amazing large format gallery quality pieces, at lower investment points from artists just like myself. Artists that work at the same high level of excellence producing artworks equally as stunning, and using the same exact Acrylic face-mount technologies and print papers to handcraft custom-made prints.

I'm having a Print Giveaway -- Who wants to Win

September 13th, 2020


OK, let's get right to it! Thanks to the Pandemic, no Art Shows or Art fairs this summer, ugh! I usually do a print giveaway when I set my gallery up at these shows. Since the shows are canceled, for the time being, I'm running a print give away right here!

So this September, I'm doing a print giveaway of a 19 x 13" traditional fine art print titled "The Old Grist Mill", mounted and matted! It is valued at $96.00. On the reverse side, I include provenance and my signature! It will be mailed for FREE (to USA destinations) to the winner...

To enter, CLICK the button below!!

2021 Scenic America Calendars ready for pre-order

August 27th, 2020

2021 Scenic America Calendars ready for pre-order

You can pre-order now to secure your copy of a limited print run of only 850 calendars by Thom Schoeller Fine Art. These are high-quality calendars that wall mount at an opened dimension of 11 x 17" and featured high-gloss covers front and back and the original © fine art nature imagery of Thomas Schoeller. The regular cost is $24.95. However, if you order before Oct 25 2020 you save $5.00 off each calendar at just $19.95 ea. We expect to begin shipping pre-ordered calendars around the first week of November 2020. Let's hope 2021 is a better year! When you see the nature imagery featured in this calendar you'll be excited to begin the new year for sure.

To view the calendars and secure your copy now simply click the link below.

Selecting the Right Print Medium for your Needs

June 27th, 2020

Selecting the Right Print Medium for your Needs

So.... you're looking at showing your walls some love, and searching for that perfect piece that you bond with to invite into your home. Maybe finding the "right print" is not a problem for you, but what about the staggering number of print mediums you have to choose from? What is the right choice for you?

This article dives right in and explains what each of our print mediums offers in not only value to your special place, but the durability and WOW factor that each print medium may, or may not provide for you. We invite you to step into our online web gallery experience at the end of our article and browse our fine art nature prints we offer!

Sigh Up for our Newsletters - Get a CODE worth 25 percent off your First order of Prints on Photo Paper

June 3rd, 2020

Sigh Up for our Newsletters - Get a CODE worth 25 percent off your First order of Prints on Photo Paper

It's as simple as visiting the link below and opting in for our occasional Newsletters! Be the first to know when we make NEW imagery available to the public, stay informed and be the first to know when we offer pop-up promo offers and keep in touch with Thom's blog!

Just for doing so, we'll instantly email you a code worth 25% off your First print order of Photo Prints on Paper.

Culling Portrait Photo Sessions and Shooting in RAW Format - A Look Behind the Scenes

June 2nd, 2020

Culling Portrait Photo Sessions and Shooting in RAW Format - A Look Behind the Scenes

Here's a look behind the scenes showing how a professional portrait photographer makes hundreds of images, and then culls the shots to reveal only the best 5%. Capturing the images in RAW format is also discussed in great detail, Thom shows you why RAW format is far superior if image quality is important to you and your clients.

To read more, please click the link below!

Take a Virtual Trip of our National Parks - Check out My Latest Video

May 10th, 2020

Take a Virtual Trip of our National Parks - Check out My Latest Video

For many of us, we have been stuck at home staring at the same 4 walls for nearly 2 full months. I've put together a video of the most amazing natural places I've explored and photographed over the last decade from National Parks and National Forest across North America!

It's just north of 2 minutes, and I'm sure after watching it and listening to the loons, waterfalls and crashing surf you'll feel balanced and more connected to planet Earth!
Simply click the link box below and join me on my journey!

The Going Stir Crazy Sale on Canvas Prints plus FREE USA Shipping

May 9th, 2020

The Going Stir Crazy Sale on Canvas Prints plus FREE USA Shipping

As a non-essential self-employed artist, (my sincere thanks to all of you out there keeping things rolling along) I'm kinda hunkered down in my studio and shooting the occasional outdoor portrait. At this moment, I'm struck by how vital artwork is in setting the environment in our homes and special places. So I decided to come up with a special Limited Time savings opportunity to make it a bit more affordable to improve your surroundings (and let's be honest, it's a lot easier to support a small art business like mine)

Beginning on Mothers Day, you can order ANY of my art prints as a CANVAS PRINT and you'll get an instant markdown showing you the regular retail price, and then YOUR Limited Time Only special offer. To spice things up a bit, any CANVAS PRINT order that ships to the USA are shipped for FREE.

About our Canvas Prints. They ship to you ready to hang the moment you unbox them. The Canvas Prints I offer are of superior quality. You will not experience the warping and flaking around the edges that you get with economy brands. The stretcher frames are handcrafted using solid spruce and intricate dovetail corner joinery. They don't come apart, and they sure as heck don't warp! For prints wider than 36" at the longest side, I'll upgrade the stretcher frame to a 1.5" thickness at no extra cost to you.

By clicking the link box below, it will take you right to my carefully curated Collections. If any of the prints suits your specific taste, just click on it and select the Canvas Prints option in the print media choices! Hope to see ya there!

(Please allow @ 9 working days for your Canvas to arrive. My print partners are working with social distancing measures in place)

Mitigating black bear encounters in Connecticut

April 27th, 2017

Mitigating black bear encounters in Connecticut

As you know, Connecticut's resident bear population is on the rise and sightings have increased even in towns outside of the open spaces of the Northwest Hills. This article confronts the common myths around bears, and also provides a few tips to help mitigate encounters and keep them from making your home a favorite place to find easy meals.

Please clink the link below to read the full article. Feel free to sign up for our newsletters! If you do, we'll instantly send you a 20% coupon off your first print order.

Wall Decor Solutions for your new RV

April 4th, 2017

Wall Decor Solutions for your new RV

Just purchase a new RV or Motorcoach? Perhaps you're refreshing the looks of your present RV. If so, you are not alone as more and more people are enjoying the freedom of RV life. There is one problem, and that is the final touches of making your Motorcoach feel more like home with the addition of some beautiful Fine Art wall decor.

The problem lies with the fact that wall art does not hang in a moving RV as it does in your static home. Thomas Schoeller Photography ~ Revealing Natures Essence has the cure for that with a unique mounting solution that attaches his original fine art nature photography to the open wall space in your motorcoach!
For more info, please click the link tab below.

Colorado Landscapes Images of the Rocky Mountains

March 23rd, 2017

Colorado Landscapes Images of the Rocky Mountains

A new release by photographer Tom Schoeller, titled "Flaming Aspens" from the amazing Crested Butte region of Colorado. This is a true 2:1 wide aspect ratio image and is available in assorted sizes up to 60x30". Now, this new release is available on an amazing new fine art technology that is ready to hang the moment your print arrives at your destination. Let me explain the details! We take an Ultra HD Pearl/Metallic finished Fine Art archival quality print, and this gets flawlessly face mounted behind crystal clear 1/4" thick Acrylic glass with highly polished edges. The end result is a very sturdy, vivid print that virtually captures ambient light and reflects it back off the Pearl surface. Almost forgot to mention, it's so easy to keep clean!

Additionally, the beauty of it is there is no need to have this framed if you choose not to! We ship it with a "recessed float mount frame" on the reverse side that floats the print 1/2" from the wall surface for a sleek modern gallery look. In essence, it's professionally mounted and float framed for you already. We ship to you with the print a French Cleat that you attach to the wall and simply set the print's float mount frame right onto it!

Hey, does a 20% discount code interest you off your first purchase? OK, then while you're on the website simply sign up for Tom's occasional newsletters and they'll instantly email the coupon code to use at checkout. Order 1 print, or 10 the code works the same.

Business and Office Art decor

January 24th, 2017

Business and Office Art decor

Healing with nature in mind. The latest trends in the workplace combine nature landscapes as wall art in the office environment. If you can't shake loose for a 2-hour hike, why not bring the great outdoors indoors?

First-time buyer? Come check out my website by clicking the link below and sign up for my newsletter! I'll email you a 20% discount code.

An Autumn Photo Journey of Connecticut

September 18th, 2016

An Autumn Photo Journey of Connecticut

Fall is in the air and that's always an exciting time of year up here in New England. This month's blog features a virtual photo tour of my home state of Connecticut and the prettiest of places, the scenic Litchfield Hills. Click the link below to take you to the full September '16 fall foliage article.

At the very end of the article, you can click the link that takes you to my new Facebook fan page. LIKE my page to follow me and the new work I add to my portfolio.

Glacier National Park a Photographers journal

June 13th, 2016

Glacier National Park a Photographers journal

This is titled Part 1 of the Glacier National Park journal, beginning with the 2014 Glacier National Park photo sessions. Accompanied by wildlife photographer John Vose, this was a 2-week session. The blog covers the challenges encountered as they work around a detailed itinerary. From the pleasant and some very unpleasant surprises mother nature shared with them. The article is highlighted by original images created by photographer Thomas Schoeller.

To view his official homepage website:

Follow on Facebook:

Litchfield Connecticut Laurel Ridge Daffodil festival - A Photographers Guide

April 2nd, 2016

Litchfield Connecticut Laurel Ridge Daffodil festival - A Photographers Guide

Just published this informal photographers guide to my website. Looks like 2016 will see an early explosion of daffodil blooms at the Laurel Ridge foundation in Litchfield Connecticut. We just may be peak by the second week of April! Click the link below to read the article, and of course, my tips on taking better photographs while you're visiting.

Limited Time Discount for First Time Buyers - Revealing Natures Essence

March 27th, 2016

Limited Time Discount for First Time Buyers - Revealing Natures Essence

Spring is here and we are welcoming all First Time buyers with a 15% Discount off ANY print in the Gallery in ANY print medium! That means take 15% off Fine Art Paper prints, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints and our ultimate gallery presentation...... The Acrylic Print! The offer does not limit you to a single print, feel free to think about decorating more than one space and take advantage of the savings.

This is a LIMITED TIME offer, the sale ends May 1st 2016. Please visit the all new homepage website of Thomas Schoeller, "Revealing Natures Essence".


White Mountain Puzzles Inc. releases new Thomas Schoeller Jigsaw puzzle

June 28th, 2015

White Mountain Puzzles Inc. releases new Thomas Schoeller Jigsaw puzzle

The White Mountain Puzzle company.

based out of Jackson New Hampshire has released another autumn Covered bridge jigsaw puzzle by one of their new artist, Fine Art photographer Tom Schoeller. The new puzzle for 2015 is titled "Albany Covered bridge" and is a follow up to one of the companies best selling puzzles created by Tom titled "Sentinel Pine Covered bridge". Tom's New England themed images were discovered by White Mountain in late 2012 and his first effort with them was released mid year 2013. That Covered bridge has sold over 200,000 units in just over 18 months.

For over 30 years, White Mountain Puzzles has been offering America's favorite jigsaw puzzles for sale. From puzzles for adults. puzzles for kids, and puzzles the entire family will enjoy, we offer colorful jigsaw puzzles from recognized artists that are available for all ages and at all levels of difficulty. The puzzles are sold in many Barnes & Noble bookstores depending on your region, and at a number of Gift shops throughout New England. By clicking the link, you can purchase the puzzle direct from our website.

Tom's Official Homepage website is found at


His virtual on-line Art Gallery experience can be seen at


where is Covered Bridge prints and other collectible fine art prints can be purchased.

Nature Photographers are Naturalist First

August 13th, 2014

Nature Photographers are Naturalist First

Inspired by recent articles I've read in the past, I felt the urge to tie up some random thoughts I had floating around in this little noggin of mine. Among these thoughts one was asked of me during a recent photography workshop I was conducting. The question, innocent as it seemed, centered around my early ambitions as a photographer. It was a good question, deeper than I anticipated and it caused me to look deep into my soul and examine what motivates me!

Apparently, despite the fact I do this professionally, it was not a love of photography per say that started this momentous trek. The camera is merely my tool. If I wanted to win races, I guess I would need to build a fast car and learn the skills necessary to put in in a competitive position to win. For myself, I find the camera to be the tool I need to connect with people on an emotional and intellectual level.

Click on the link to read more

The Daffodil Fields of Laurel Ridge Farm a Connecticut Icon

March 17th, 2014

The Daffodil Fields of Laurel Ridge Farm a Connecticut Icon

I admit, this winter sure has me feeling a bit blue. The New England 2013-14 winter season is one for the record books on so many levels. I thought to put just a little "spring" in my step and write about the annual display of daffodils that take over a 15 acre parcel of land near Litchfield Connecticut.

Please click on the link below to bring you right to the published article!

Some Holiday Cheer with a dose of New England charm

December 20th, 2013

Some Holiday Cheer with a dose of New England charm

My writing schedule for the New England Photography Guild pegged me right square in the middle of the "12 days of Christmas". I decided to take a different approach with a lighter fare, and invite my readers for a virtual winter tour of New England. A festive seasonal mindset if you will. So for a brief moment join in and allow me to provide a glimpse of how we spread the Holiday cheer up here in the northeast corner of the USA

Addressing the Needs of Fine Art Photography buyers

November 18th, 2013

Addressing the Needs of Fine Art Photography buyers

If you are a prospective buyer or a longtime collector of Fine Art Photography, I penned an article you may find of interest. This months topic squarely addresses the needs of the buyer. Specifically, I will dwell on properly mounted artwork. Also the proper channels to consider when you decide to have your artwork framed locally as well as the pitfalls of settling for the inexpensive department store frames.

Please click on the link below to take you to the full article.

~Thomas Schoeller Photography

A Tale of Two Genres - See What I See

October 30th, 2013

A Tale of Two Genres - See What I See

This is a re-post article published on the official "New England Photographers Guild" website by highly respected professional wildlife photographer John Vose of Vermont. John is an avid naturalist and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to New England's native fauna. His ability to anticipate is remarkable, having not only the technical savvy to create spectacular avian imagery but almost a "sixth sense" with an extensive background into each species tendencies and habitat.

In this short article, John takes a look at......... well, exactly! How photographic artist SEE things differently. John and I are both members of the New England Photographers Guild and have teamed up twice during the fall foliage season of '13 for a different sort of quest. John points out in this article how he has been inspired by my personal "vision" and he also includes some of his newest artwork from our photo sessions as we traveled hundreds of miles from NH, VT, The Berkshires of Massachusetts and into N.Y. State and the verdant Litchfield Hills.

The interior barn image viewable here is my own from an abandoned Connecticut farm, the images embedded in John Vose' published article are all (c) copyright John Vose-Jericho Hills Photography.

Please click to enjoy the entire article!

Fall Foliage Touring Connecticuts Scenic Litchfield hills

September 19th, 2013

Fall Foliage Touring Connecticuts Scenic Litchfield hills

Planning an exciting fall foliage tour of the New England region this year? If the history rich state of Connecticut is on your list you should not pass up this article just published to the new England Photographers Guild website!

I'll take you on a virtually guided scenic tour of Connecticut's northwest corner we have coined "The Litchfield Hills". The Litchfield Hills are actually the southernmost hills of the fabled Berkshires. The Berkshires gently overflow the Mass./Ct. border and are ripe for outstanding scenic vistas and charming villages.

To read the entire article please click on the link provided below. I promise, you'll enjoy the ride!

White Mountain Puzzles Inc releases Thomas Schoeller autumn covered bridge design

August 19th, 2013

White Mountain Puzzles Inc releases Thomas Schoeller autumn covered bridge design

100% made in the USA, White Mountain Puzzles, Inc. has announced a new release from Fine Art photographer Thomas Schoeller.

This is a Super-Sized 30 x 24" puzzle made up of 1000 pieces manufactured by America's favorite puzzle company. The artwork is a Schoeller original from New Hampshire's spectacular Franconia Notch located in the scenic White Mountains. The subject is the "Sentinel Covered Bridge" captured during the peak October autumn foliage season!

If you love a challenge, and love New England's quintessential charm and character this is a puzzle you'll truly enjoy. The puzzles are priced at only $15.95 ea. and if you are thinking ahead to the Holiday gift giving season orders of $75.00 and up are FREE SHIPPING.

For more information about ordering, please click on the link provided below.

Expressing Your Artistic Inspiration beyond Technical Excellence

August 17th, 2013

Expressing Your Artistic Inspiration beyond Technical Excellence

To be a successful fine art photographer in today's very competitive market it takes much more than just being technically strong. The artist should display a sense of emotional connection to the scene they are photographing. Not only that, it is up to the photographer to allow their enthusiasm for the image they have created to flow through and make a connection with the viewer.

Often times, it takes multiple visits to a particular location to determine the best lighting situation and allow the subject to literally "speak" to the photographer before it is possible to create a masterpiece. Since the camera is only a cold blooded machine that does not understand your emotional connection to the scene before you, post production is just as important as having flawless technical skills. The camera's sensor can only record the information based on the exposure triangle settings (ISO-Shutter speed-aperture)

Obviously this takes a commitment on the part of the creator to expand their skill set beyond the comprehension scope of the exposure triangle and an effective composition! So where do you fall in? Does your artwork tell a story and connect to the viewer? Or do you fall short of your goals and just wait miserably for a sale to come your way?

In this article published on the "New England Photography Guild" website I take the reader on a voyage of Connecticut's revolutionary past of the historic and beautifully rustic Grist Mill of Kent as well as my techniques for finding your Artistic Inspiration.

For text and photographic images, please click on the link provided below to read the full article.

Western Connecticut Intro to DSLR photography course

July 23rd, 2013

Western Connecticut Intro to DSLR photography course

I've been conducting an short series of affordable, hands on and practical photography workshops at my Litchfield County Gallery/Studio. This is a wonderful gateway into becoming more familiar with your brand new D-SLR camera and an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional landscape photographer.

Classes are conducted on weekends, and can accommodate single students or as many as 10 (max)

Just bring your camera body, a lens, fully charged battery and whatever form of recording media your camera uses (Compact Flash or SD cards)

For more information, please click the link below which takes you to my official homepage website.

Photographers Guide to Connecticut Etiquette

July 21st, 2013

Photographers Guide to Connecticut Etiquette

Connecticut can offer up it's fair share of challenges for nature and landscape photographers................

(please click link below to read complete article)


Be sure to visit the official homepage at http://www.ThomasSchoeller.Photoshelter.com

Finalist in Juried photography Contest

September 25th, 2012

Finalist in Juried photography Contest

It's been a few weeks since my last bloggy. The 2013 "Scenic New England" calendar has been recieved quite well. To be honest, it looks like next year we will once again have to double the order to meet a growing demand and customer base. We've stocked the stores all around Litchfield County Ct. and as far as order fulfillment we have scarce inventory left, so if you want to retain a copy be sure to contact me so we can email off a PayPal invoice and ship one or more out to you.

Recieved an email that was really nice to read, I've been informed by the good folks at BetterPhoto that I've been selected as a finalist for the August 2012 photography contest that was held. From the data they supplied, I made the cut right down to the final 6% of all accumulative entries. This is always an honor since this is judging by a panel of professionals with a background in fine art photography, as opposed to art contest where votes can be solicited or it's only a "peoples choice". I've pasted the letter from BP Support staff, hopfully I'll be fortunate to win one of these photography contest for the Third time!

Hi Thomas

Congratulations! You have placed as a finalist in this month's BetterPhoto
Contest! Over 10800 photos were entered into the competition; it is an honor
to have your image selected among the top 657 finalist photos.

Your finalist photo: Jordan Pond~Acadia National Park (#13202244)

This image can be viewed - along with all of the finalist images - at:

During the next few days, the judges select the top winning photos. If
your image is selected as a winner, you will be emailed again.

Again, congratulations!

BetterPhoto Customer Support

New artwork from Downeast Maine and Acadia

August 3rd, 2012

New artwork from Downeast Maine and Acadia

My bloggy for the day.. Last weekend had an absolutely exhilerating photo safari along the Acadian coast. I have finally been able to capture 2 compositions in the perfect lighting conditions that have eluded me since I began shooting scenic landscape nature! The first one is viewable right here in my blog. This is "Otter Cliffs" photographed from the Boulder beach at Monument Cove. To get this, one needs to be hittin' the road by 3:30 AM and have your headlamp secured to your noggin and equipment packed to your back to scramble over the soaking wet boulders and find your pre determined shooting location. I use a Singh-Ray vari ND filter to hold back the light to make exposures of 2-4 minutes to capture the ethereal movement of water.

The alpine glow I was able to capture is not a common occurrence here. Acadia recieves more rainy days than anyplace in the US except for the Pacific Northwest. Then you have the possibility of a fog bank controlling the lighting. I've been after this shot for such a long time, finally have my own original to add to the gallery.

Thanks to the good folks over at Flickr who have already noticed this on my Stock photostream and added this to "Flickr Explore!"

Art Show drop-off at Boehringers today

June 2nd, 2012

The long awaited and anticipated day has finally arrived, the day when all the artist who either have high hopes of acceptance or the invited "by council" artist enter their artwork for consideration. The art show is held at Boehringer-Ingelheim of Ridgefield, Ct, and this is the 26th year for the prestigous event. I have donated an 18x24 framed and matted print of my artwork titled "Sparks Lane-Cades Cove", and am entering (2) 22x30 framed and a 30x32 framed which will be displayed on the gallery wall. In addition, I am selling 25 matted 13x19 prints being displayed by an artist canvas rack.

110 artist had high hopes of being accepted this year, and 9:00 am was the start of the process for the juried event. My drive into the well manacured grounds was quite impressive. You are directed to a gorgeous reception area, park your vehicle and you are met by event staff who happily assist you and your artwork indoors and supply a handy rollaway cart. From here you navigate to the reception foyer where the staff further assist you with a nicely organized and planned out strategy in which to register and record your work (for the gallery walls) The next step became quite a surprise and shock to many, as all the artwork seperated by artist name, is wheeled into a seperate lounge area. The artwork is scrutinized by esteemed judges and either selected for/approved or denied entry into the art show. Only a select few paintings and photographs were approved during the time I was witnessing the process. I'm guessing roughly 66% of the framed artwork had not been approved.

As I watched my cart go through the glass doors I decided to have a cup of coffee and mingle as the judges perused the grouping of artwork. I was told someone would be calling the artist by name in the foyer to review the status. Somehow, I was actually invited in for a "visit" to the back room. I was between a state of confusion, a touch of anger mixed with giddy anticipation as I just had no idea what to expect. Any self doubt was immediately soothed away as I was met with a sincere look into my eyes and a smile, followed by honest praise of my work and many questions about the process and technique. The judge compared my "Castle Hill Lighthouse" print to a painter he is familiar with as the highest possible compliment.

So next step is the actual event, June 7th to be held at the Boehringer-Ingelheim headquarters in Ridgefield. With any luck, we make a few sales and raise some money for a wonderful charity at the same time!

2012 Art of Caring held at Boehringer Ingelheim

March 30th, 2012

I've been formally invited to participate and display for sale my Fine Art Photography at the "Art of caring 2012". The art show and benefit for the Regional Hospice and Home Care will take place Friday, June 8th 2012 starting at 7pm. The event is held at the beautiful headquarters of Boehringer Ingelheim Corp., 900 Ridgebury Rd. Ridgefield, Ct.

Each invited artist submits 1 donation piece for auction, and is allowed to submit (3) current pieces for the gallery. 40% of the proceeds goes to Regional Hospice Foundation.


Published photograph in Poets and Writers Magazine March 2012

February 21st, 2012

Just recieved my (2) complimentary issues from the managing editor of Poets & Writers. They purchaced a limited use to publish my "Old Town Key West" to accompany the article on the Key West Literary Seminar. Beautiful center spread! The image graces page 54-55, with the photo credit appearing on ppg. 56. Thanks again to Suzanne Pettypiece, I'm proud to have had my artwork featured in such a distinguished magazine.

New print sizes now offered for sale

January 18th, 2012

As of this writing I am near completion of a full update of new Fine Art print sizes to the gallery. At the request of my customers, I am now creating a smaller sized option available. Previously the smallest print you were able to purchase was the 16". This new size option does not apply to the Acrylic Print product! All Acrylics start at the 16" base size.

The newest additions can now be ordered in a 12" so customers no longer have to settle for a standard 5x7 greeting cards. Please note, the "default dimensions" will vary from print to print depending on the final crop created during post processing. A standard, uncropped format 12" print will usually print at 12x8.

The Automotive gallery - going back to my roots

December 26th, 2011

The idea has been dormant in the dark corners of my brain for a while. My earliest endeavors of learning the trade of photography found me combining it along with my extreme passion for the American muscle car and Hot Rods in general. As a teenager and into my early 20's I'd pour through the best automotive magazines and study how the featured automobiles were photographed. Taking note of the background, the lack of distracting elements, the use of selective focus and wondering how in the hell did they get that chome trim to sparkle like that?

By the latter 1980's, I became a regular contributor to magazines such as Musclecar Review and MoPar Performance and found myself being asked to photograph privately owned cars by their owners on a regular basis. However, the call of the wild turned my focus from the automotive world to devoting my passion of photography to scenic landscapes and nature. I never really completely put down the automotive photography side of it, but it sure did take a back seat to my travels across the Rocky Mountains of Montana , Idaho and Wyoming.

Well this is just to let ya know, CARS are baaaack, and I have been devoting more time to capturing the fine lines and wild colors of the Muscle Car and classic collectible car hobbyist. My latest Automotive Gallery will be growing at a fast pace to catch up with the rest of my portfolio, so if your an Automotive enthusiast stay tuned....

Trick or Treat Snowstorm in the northeast

November 20th, 2011

Trick or Treat Snowstorm in the northeast

Despite the devastation and carnage brought on by what apparently is a once in a lifetime event, I managed to squeeze out of my driveway, slide under downed trees and powerlines and hike in to a scenic spot along the beautiful Shepaug River. A photoshoot capturing the rare event, as the storm cleared out and sunlight bathed the bottoms of the fast moving stormclouds with warm tones happened.

Nature, in all its fury can do it's damage with such grace and elegance. Seems a juxtaposition of terminology, but to understand the history and geology of such scenic backdrops like the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone National Park you understand how nature imposes it's will and artistic creation. Those creations however took millions of years up violent upheaval. A winter storm in October on the other hand, well being a nature photographer it's my job to capture those brief moments. The lighting, the drama, the mood and atmosphere and create an image customers will purchase and proudly display. Two images have been uploaded to my galleries portraying the amazing beauty of the event, so feel free to peruse the galleries and view the latest images!

2012 Scenic Connecticut calendar SOLD OUT

November 19th, 2011

2012 Scenic Connecticut calendar SOLD OUT

Sincere thanks to ALL of my customers for helping make my 2012 published calendar such a success! The final 2 issues have been shipped on 11-18 which translates to only 7 weeks from the first issue sold. Many copies have been shipped abroad to destinations in Europe, Australia and our Armed Forces on duty in Afghanistan.

Let the uploads begin

October 21st, 2011

Spent the better part of the last two weeks exploring nooks and crannys from the rolling hills of Upstate New York just east of Lake George, and so far as the border of Maine and New Hampshire. The Nikons and my assortment of lenses surely recieved a healthy workout, capturing some dramatic autumn scenic landscapes and even re-visiting a few classic Vermont locations. The most recent few days have been a marathon of post editing RAW files on some of the most simplistic exposures that were not High Dynamic Range images or stitching panoramas. We'll attack those that require more time within the next few weeks. In the meanwhile, please be sure to check back often to peruse the latest images we add to the portfolio of galleries!

On the Road once again

October 12th, 2011

One leg of our journey has been completed, having the good fortune to stay at a beautiful country cabin owned by friends straddling the Vermont border with New York over the Columbus day weekend. The tourist locations sure were crouded. The weather was almost too nice, as bright sunny skies prevailed which provides flat, featureless lighting for the landscapes I was seeking. However this gave me opportunities to scout locations for the next morning and the golden sunlight of the low sun over the horizon. Managed to capture at least a dozen quality images for a number of uses. The autumn colors in Bennington and Rutland counties were nearing peak for what is widely known as a tragic year for natures annual awesome display of colors. Hurricane Irene pounded the area with tropical storm winds in August and extreme surplus rains made for conditions that allows a mold to develop which alters the fiery colors of fall which we all love.

The next leg begins Friday, and once again Vermont is the target of my assortment of lenses. The final two days will be searching the quaint villages of west central and southwest New Hampshire.

2012 Scenic Connecticut - Litchfield Hills calendar now available

September 1st, 2011

Through my official homepage website http://www.ThomasSchoellerPhotography.com This is a 12 month wall hanger that measures standard 17" x 11" opened on display. Cost is $15.95 each, which includes shiping via USPS ground~sold in the USA only.

Castle Hill Lighthouse photoshoot

July 17th, 2011

Returned from a weekend in Newport Rhode Island, with the lighthouse at Castle Hill the featured subject. Oh how the weatherman was co-operative and provided me with the most wonderful, wispy clouds that move ever so slowly way up in the atmosphere. The sidelighting was not as dramatic as I had for the Point Judith job last August, however the post sunset colors reflecting off the high cirrus clouds more than made up for it. Results are being published in the "Maritime" gallery.

Great Smoky Mountains photoshoot

June 19th, 2011

The week of June 5th was a marathon, beginning with an 817.6 mile/14 hour drive and no layover. Destination Townsend, Tennessee which is a quiet corner located a mere 1 mile from one of the National Park byways. Months of research went into deciding how to best use my available limited time in an efficient manner. Scouting for the best time to be at a specific location always pays off. No day started later than 5:20 am, most began at 4 am. The photoshoots all went well past sunset, as the post sunset colors are often dramatic.

On my list of subjects were locations in Cades Cove. a Euro-American settlement from the early 1800's which was once home to roughly 700 people. By the 1930's, the Cove was to be included in the National Park. Several buildings remain in this secluded location, now preserved as a tribute to those families. My personal favorite location within the park is not a preserved homestead, in fact it is merely one of the "loop roads" within the Cove itself called Sparks Lane. Nothing more than a gravel road which is now over an old horse and buggy trail, lined with mature Oak and Black Walnut trees and surrounded by meadows and not too distant mountain scenery. As the sun rises, casting it's soft golden hue upon the scene still cloaked in a light mist it is a sight to behold. I was fortunate to capture the moment on two seperate locations, from different perspectives and under unique lighting conditions.

Mid -day lighting was far less co-operative. Bright sunny and hot conditions were the norm so we used the opportunity to scout locations suitable for more diffused lighting and for long exposures to create silky smooth ethereal water. By Thursday my dream came true, thunderstorms encroached the area by noon and the rains cleansed the dusty atmosphere and livened up the flora. The moss covered rocks along the rivers appeared to glow, and a soft fog was a most welcome addition to the atmosphere. For the professional nature photographer, this is heaven. No risk is too dangerous to capture the perfect composition! My favorite scenic landscape along a river was the North Carolina side of GSMNP, along the Oconaluftee River.

It's been just over a week since my return to the scenic Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. To view the gallery or purchase prints, I've posted a brand new Gallery "Great Smoky Mountains". www.thomas-schoeller.artistwebsites.com